Three Pillars Success Stories


What brought you to Three Pillars Acupuncture?

Neck pain and autoimmune disease:

“If you have an autoimmune disease the best thing you can do for yourself is contact Pete! I had so much pain and swelling in my joints, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. I also had brain fog, I couldn't concentrate at work and honestly I was scared of the diagnose and thinking about the harsh drugs that my Rheumatologist would be giving me. I have read about the possible side effects and really didn't want to take any. But thanks to the holistic approach from Pete with acupuncture and the herbs he is giving me, I feel so much better and my Rheumatologist told me to continue with Pete's approach and taking the herbs. My Rheumatologist told me there are studies now with some of the herbs for people with Lupus. He has not had to prescribe any of the harsh drugs that I was afraid of. The Rheumatologist is still running tests to have an accurate diagnosis but he is sure I have Sjogren's Syndrome. I am just so thankful that Pete is treating my disease and helping me to feel better. My swelling is gone along with most of the pain. I know I will always have flare ups but Pete quickly answers all of my emails and is there to answer all my questions. ( I'm always asking questions) Thank you Pete for all you do to help me!”

  • B.R.  1-11-21


What brought you to Three Pillars Acupuncture?

GI issues:

“Before coming to Pete, I had seen countless doctors, specialists, practitioners, etc and was still feeling awful. I had been suffering with gastrointestinal issues since I was a baby and things kept getting progressively worse. I had pretty much tried every diet, done multiple protocols, and even went back to school for Nutrition to see if I could heal myself. During my first appointment with Pete, I felt so understood and he restored my hope that I could heal. Within months of working together, my stomach issues drastically improved and for the first time in my life, my stomach problems are not all consuming. He is comprehensive, compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable, and is just the most amazing human. Working with Pete, I truly felt like I had a partner on my healing journey. The best decision I made for my health was making that first appointment.”

  • R.M. 1-11-21


What brought you to Three Pillars Acupuncture?

Hot Flashes:

"I came to Pete in total despair with extreme menopausal symptoms that were making my life miserable. Pete spent a lot of time with me, really understanding my symptoms and my emotional state. He put me on a regimen of herbs and supplements, and within a few days my symptoms decreased dramatically and within a week, I was symptom free! I had been to 2 others Western doctors that could not help me. I am so grateful for Pete. He has truly made an incredible difference in the quality of my life and well being. I feel like my normal self again. I can't recommend Pete enough. He truly cares and has gone above and beyond in helping me when no other doctor could."

  • K.T. 4-10-20


What brought you to Three Pillars Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, gut health, chronic pain:

"I came to Peter ailed with gut ( SIBO ) and hormone issues that have been a longtime problem for me. I was on a berberine protocol on and off for a year, disenchanted with the long struggle to free myself of my SIBO Peter suggested he could help me with a protocol that he had used before with a different anti microbial that would get me the results in 8 weeks. I had built a relationship of trust with Peter and was confident in his knowledge as I had profound results with just his acupuncture. I followed the protocol with no hesitation and was supported by Peter along the way. Two weeks after the protocol I tested for by SIBO and came back with negative test result, utter joy!!! I am beyond grateful to Peter and his care, he is the best Acupuncturist I have ever had the pleasure to be treated by and listened to. I feel profound shifts in my somatic being and new holistic healing approach guided by a dynamic healer like Peter himself. I thank you In health, Nicolette"

  • N.G. 3-25-20


What brought you to Three Pillars Acupuncture?

Meniere's Disease and just not feeling good brought me to Three Pillars Acupuncture:

"I have been told that there was no cure for Meniere's Disease, and have been dealing with severe bouts of vertigo, dizziness, nausea, etc for many years. I also have an autoimmune disease, and various other complaints. I started seeing Pete Lecke in November. He formulated a blend of Chinese herbs especially for my needs and put me on a very limited food plan to heal my immune system. Looks like it worked. I have been totally free from Meniere's episodes for a few weeks and feel strong and healthy. Thank You Pete, for giving me my life back."

  • B.R. 2-25-20


What brought you to Three Pillars Acupuncture?

Autoimmune and Migraines:

"I'm a 37 year old female who came to Pete over 2 years ago suffering from an Autoimmune Disease and severe Migraines. My symptoms included insomnia, lethargy, agitation, foggy brain, migraines and an overall feeling of being rundown. I came to Pete defeated and depressed living a life half full. The first 6 months of seeing Pete I felt the shift happening. Fast forward to today and I have the energy, clarity, restfulness, and overall health I should have. With Pete's guidance I can honestly say I am whole again. That doesn't mean the disease has gone away but I now know how to live with it. He truly changed my life."

  • V.C. 2-8-20


What brought you to Three Pillars Acupuncture?

Interstitial cystitis:

"I have been in pain for a couple of years now from interstitial cystitis. I was tired of the pain so I decided to try acupuncture. Pete has helped me so much since I started seeing him. I actually now have days without any pain. It is amazing. Pete is really caring and wants to help. He is very knowledgeable and very understanding. Starting acupuncture with Pete was one of the best things I have done for myself . He has helped me so much."

  • P.W. 8-29-19


What brought you to Three Pillars Acupuncture?

Arthritic thumb cyst & tired endurance cycling muscles:

"After discovering a cyst growing on my thumb I decided to try Peter to help me alleviate the problem, along with my right quad which was also beginning to trouble me while cycling.... Needless to say, after once a week Acupuncture from December to May I have no more cyst present and my right quad feels normal again... As a massage therapist myself, I also refer many of my own clients to Peter and all of them are extremely pleased with his knowledge and help! It’s always worth a try especially if you’re looking for alternative therapy!"

  • D.C. Testimonial 7-22-19

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me get ready for the [Boston] marathon!! I backed off treatment for the last two weeks before because I was feeling really good. I had no pain running the full 26.2, and am still pain feee now! Thank you so much for all of your positive advice and encouragement along the way! I will be back to work on other muscles and issues… but just wanted to thank you again!! The marathon was amazing and exhilarating!!! So grateful for your expertise to help get me across that finish line!

  • Tracey Taddey, 4/24/2019

"I’ve been seeing Peter for a few months now. He’s treating my different ailments including lower back, hip and sinuses. He is very experienced, professional, and personable. What I like most about Peter is his sympathetic, caring demeanor and that he listens to my needs. I’ve seen a few acupuncturists throughout my lifetime and he is definitely someone I will continue to work with. He doesn’t push treatments or herbs but will suggest what he thinks is best and leave it up to me to decide."

  • Aubry Jaden, 9/12/2017

"After a sudden and inexplicable period of facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy – as a result of Lyme Disease), Dr. Peter became a beacon of hope. Each week Dr. Peter offered personalized and compassionate care – easing any fears and healing my physical paralysis. Dr. Peter’s expert mastery of acupuncture directly led to a full recovery from Bell’s Palsy! I am forever grateful for his ongoing support, and I highly recommend Dr. Peter to anyone looking to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness."

  • Anya Janssen, 9/6/2017

"I am a massage therapist and was referred to Pete by a coworker. I am a pretty regular runner and experienced some major pain in my right leg and foot. Pete did not only address the physical symptoms – but dug deep into the emotional relationship between my body + mind. I am now pain free, and stress relieved! Pete is incredibly knowledgeable and I am lucky to know him!"

  • Jessica Lee, 6/28/17

"Dr. Jay referred me to Pete when I was getting [chiropractic care]. I finally decided to see Pete after seeing a gastroenterologist who told me there was nothing he could do for my stomach issues which was most likely IBS. I have had stomach issues for as long as I can remember and between Pete’s acupuncture and herbs I am happy to see it has helped tremendously. I would say that 90% of my symptoms have disappeared. On a final note, Pete is one of the nicest persons you will ever meet and he truly cares about his patients."

  • Taylor C., 2/15/2017

“I suffer from a neurological condition known as HSP [hereditary spastic paraplegia], a life long degenerative disorder. This is the first time I have ever had acupuncture and I’m scared of needles. Dr. Lecke made me feel safe & comfortable over 4 treatments. I have experienced improvements I haven’t felt for over 25 years.”

  • Hayley, June 24, 2016

“After about three years of shoulder and neck pain and having massages and pain relief I heard about acupuncture treatment but wasn’t convinced it would work. After three sessions, the pain has gone. Highly recommend it to anyone suffering the same pain.”

  • Timothy G., 6/3/16

“I tried acupuncture for the first time… I had terrible pain in my left instep & right knee which made walking very painful. I had 3 sessions and noticed the difference after the first treatment. By the 3rd treatment I was pain free in my instep & the surface veins had almost disappeared. Right knee was so much better.”

  • Margie, 5/27/16

“I have had numerous problems for several years and… had not really considered Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine. My back already feels the best it has for a long time… You’re a real physician who obviously has his heart and soul in your work & genuinely want to help people. Thank you again Pete.”

  • Sue P., May 20, 2016

“For the first time in over 20 years I have no restrictive pain in my back. I can move freely and I have found Peter very professional in the way he explained things to me. I would recommend Peter very highly.”

  • David F. 4/23/16

“I started… with acupuncture (first time) and I feel amazing. Peter was understanding, informative, and after my first session, my husband even said I looked like something had shifted (A very relaxing experience for me). I am on a journey of… better life choices so I hope I can continue to improve my wellbeing…. a wonderful experience….”

  • Carol P., 4/15/2016

"Shoulder - due to a motor bike accident… at very high speed. Then needing surgery but left with pain and loss of movement March 2015. Back - major surgery from a work accident 2001… left with back pain.

Call me a skeptic, I am, or should I say I was. Acupuncture with Peter has changed me… to a believer in Acupuncture. Movement in the shoulder is 80% better and back pain has diminished two fold. Once again thanks for your professionalism & help in relieving my discomfort and [improving shoulder] movement."

  • Chris L., April 8, 2016

"I have had acute pain left side back down to knee and ankle. I have been unable to walk properly or sleep on my side for past three months. Even with weekly physio visits. Just one 40 minute treatment from Doc Pete I had the best sleep last night… still pain free today! After 35 years as a police officer & dog handler I have had many injuries. Today is the first pain free day since retiring 7/17/2013."

  • Roger M., 4/1/16

"Wow. I came… with a very sore back and I couldn't stand up straight. I had three sessions and by the end of the first session I could stand up straight and by the 3rd session my back was 100% fixed. Thank you very much Peter."

  • Helen G., 3/14/16

"Came to Peter with neck & back pain. I did… 3 days of acupuncture. Not only was it the best money I have spent, Peter was hospitable & gentle as well as easy to talk to making the experience very worthwhile & relaxing. After 10 years+ of constant neck, back pain & associated headaches, I have [been]… free of the headache and very minute neck pain. Thank you so much Peter."

  • Janelle M., March 7, 2016

"I have never had acupuncture for my neck & back issues before. I attended the talk by Peter. I was intrigued. After my consultation, I signed up for 3 treatments. He was very relaxing & seems to have alleviated my issues. Peter is very professional & easy to talk to. He explains everything thoroughly. Thank you Peter for your expertise and putting me at ease during my treatments."

  • Elizabeth, 3/3/2016

"For the last 18 months I have suffered an itchy skin irritation on both my lower legs. During this time I consulted numerous Western Doctors & skin specialists with no result, after one treatment there was a significant positive result with a reduction of approximately 50% of the redness. Peter is keen to share his knowledge whilst assisting our body to heal itself. This has been an amazing & successful treatment experience I would recommend to everyone. Thank you Peter for 3 treatments and great results.

  • Elayne, February 19, 2016

"I feel renewed and healthy , and look forward to the rest of my life."

  • J.E. Wills, 2/19/16

"I was experiencing a lot of back and shoulder pain that massage alone did not help with. As a nurse working in general practice, my clients had found relief with acupuncture, so I gave it a go and found fantastic results!

  • Natalie, 1/31/16

“My wife convinced me to get Acupuncture… I did not believe in acupuncture, but went anyway. After having the treatment I was converted. It worked. Thank you for this.”

  • Damian, 2/1/16

“I have had pain in my lower back for many years. I had to retire from work… I have consulted Dr.s, physios, chiropractors with no relief – only pain medications. After 3 sessions with Peter, my lower back is nearly pain free…. I am a convert. Thank you!”

  • R. O’Rourke, 1/20/16

"This is the best thing I have tried for my migraines. I wish I had found it sooner."

  • L. Stewart, 12/23/15

“Wow. Where do I start? …my knee was so painful I could hardly walk. I’ve never heard of acupuncture before…. My knee got better and better every day. Thank you Dr. Pete for introducing this method of healing to me. It was so comforting to know such a wonderful doctor like yourself.”

  • E. Silao, December 2015

“This is the best I’ve felt in two years. This guy is the man to see.”

  • Graham, December 2015